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39 LED Emergency Warning Triangle - Hang or Magnet

$ 16.69

The entire center LED triangle measures about 65mm on a side. The black frame is about 10mm wide. Measure that out on a piece of paper to be sure you understand how small this thing actually is. The black material feels like something half-way between rubber and hard plastic.

The center of the LED triangle lights up a solid bright white triangle, 5 LEDs on a side, 15 LEDs in total. The outside edge of the LED triangle lights up a frame of red LEDs, 9 LEDs on a side, 24 LEDs in total. [ 15 + 24 = 39. ]

There's a black button on one side that, when pushed, cycles through (1) the red triangle frame only, (2) the bright white center triangle only, (3) FLASHING red triangle frame only, and (4) off. There is no way to light the red and white together ... nor is there a way to make the bright white center flash. After staring at this thing for a while, I concluded that the flashing red actually draws the most eye-attention because it's flashing, even though the bright white is, well, actually much brighter.

There's a hook that pops out of the back, but it's fairly snug and so you'll need a fingernail or the edge of a screwdriver or something to pop it. It has a ball swivel end, so you can turn the extended hook any which way you want, 360 degrees. When hanging, the triangle will be pointing down ... and the black button will be facing skyward. There is a dime-sized magnet on the back for mounting this gizmo to something metal, but it's strength is pretty exaggerated in the product listing. It'll stick to the side of a car and so on, but with smaller thinner pieces of metal, the magnet won't bite.

It comes with 3 AAA no-name batteries, installed with NO pull tab breaking the current.

Overall, this thing was engineered quite thoughtfully and carefully. Compared to so much stuff like this out of China, this appears to be built pretty well! With this size, brightness, & flashing, I could imagine a thousand uses for it.

  • 39 super-bright LEDS with 3 light settings, 15 white LEDS & 24 red LEDS
  • Red triangle of constant or flashing LEDS warn other drivers
  • Strong magnetic back grabs onto metal or use fold-away swivel hook; 3-1/2", 5 oz
  • Rubberized, weather resistant body, Uses 3 "AAA" batteries (included)
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